A few words from our parents…….


“Ruskin House is not so much a nursery but more like visiting your extended family of aunties of all types in their big cosy home.  My son has really thrived here; he has made lots of friends that he sees outside nursery, his learning has progressed without being forced or lacking in fun, and the staff are unfailingly warm and kind-hearted towards the children.  I have especially appreciated the bond the staff have formed with my older son who has some developmental issues. He didn’t attend Ruskin House but he was always made welcome and enjoyed visiting it almost as much as his brother! We’ll all miss Ruskin House”


                                                             March 2019


” I cant believe that she has been with you for 2 years and is now ready to move on to the next step of her education journey. We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the nurture and care that you have shown Scarlet over the years and this is a credit to your nursery”

                                                            Scarlet’s mum

                                                                 May 2019


“Thank you for taking care of my son since he was a baby! Now he’s nearly  4 & is ready to start school full time in September.

We are sad to & we will miss Ruskin House”

                                                                July 2019


“ Many thanks for looking after us in Spring Room for the past months! We’ve developed so much and really enjoyed, mealtimes 😊

Messy play, story time, playing outside, songs and Theatre bugs!”

                                                       July 2019


“Thank you 11 for taking such good care of my daughter and for being such a welcoming and warm place to come each week.

We will miss you and hope to come back and visit if we are in the neighbourhood!”

                                                        July 2019


‘Thank you so much for the very special graduation ceremony and the lovely party afterwards.
It was great to see all of the kids receive their certificates, and watch the song and play. I know it took lots of effort on your part and we really appreciate the chance to be involved. ”

                                                     July 2019


‘Thank you for graduation; it was a really special day for us’.

                                                     July 2019


“ Thank you all for the kindness & attention you gave to both our children over the last 5 years.

Not only have the boys been cared for, but they have learnt heaps, had great experiences as well as lots of fun.

And the fabulous tasty & nourishing food they have enjoyed.  As their Nana, its been wonderful to know that they have had such a rich nursery experience , which will set them up well for their future”

                                                                  July 2019