RHS recognise the importance of healthy eating and a balanced and nutritious diet, which is why we endeavour to make a variety of foods available giving vegetarian/vegan options with plenty of low fat and low sugar foods and fresh fruit

RHS is committed to providing healthy and nutritious, tasty foods for all children. We always practice a policy, wherein all children’s dietary needs are catered for and we are sensitive to the dietary requirement for all cultural, religious and individual preferences.

RHS is registered with Lambeth Council to provide food. Practitioners who handle or prepare food have up to date Food Handling Certificates and are fully trained in food storage, preparation, and food safety. Practitioners follow the Hygiene procedures laid out in our Health & Safety Policy when preparing food and drink.

RHS encourage children to become actively involved in the choosing, preparing and serving of snacks. Practitioners ensure the safety of children and themselves when using sharp or dangerous equipment in snacks preparation.

RHS Entry form includes information about any special dietary requirements or allergies the child/children suffer along with any preferences, this information is shared with manager, chefs and practitioners to safeguard their health and meet as far as possible their preferences.  RHS special dietary requirements/allergies form is made available to all practitioners who are preparing food have up to date information on any sufferers.

No child will be forced to eat or drink something against their will and the withholding of food and drink will never be used as either a punishment or reward.