In Ruskin House, we try to keep the fees simple, which is why we have adopted the “all-inclusive approach”.

Our fees offer a progressive partnership to minimise the busy lives of parents. Our fees are tailor for all meals, drinks, including nappies. In essences, we provide much of everything your child will need for their time at the nursery.


On receipt of a completed registration form and a £75 non-refundable registration fee your child shall be placed on the waiting list and an approximate indication of availability shall be given.


To secure a child’s start date and sessions, a deposit of £400 for a full-time place is also required. This sum is refunded in full providing that one calendar month’s notice in writing is given prior to the child leaving and that no additional payment or fees are outstanding. If the child does not attend the nursery once the place has been accepted the deposit is not refundable.


Our fees are payable calendar monthly in advance by direct debit or nursery voucher on 1st of each month. In exceptional circumstances we may accommodate other forms of payment, to be discussed with the Nursery Manager upon booking.

Our progressive fees are calculated over 51 weeks then divide by 12 months. This consistent amount makes it easier for our parents to budgeting including nursery administration.

The reason we multiply the weekly amount by 51 and not 52 is that we are closed for bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year, so you don’t pay for these closures.


If a sibling of an existing child joins the nursery a discount of 2% is given on the fees of the first (eldest) for each day attending.


Don’t forget that there are many sources of financial assistance with nursery fees such as 30 hours funding for 3 to 4 years olds and 15 hours funding for 3 years to 5 years. Please click on the link below for more information.


If you are paying by voucher then please let us know the company you are using and ensure that your child’s name is used as the reference when the payment is made and please make sure to pay by 25th of every month and we accept all major vouchers. If the voucher does not cover the entire fee, then any balance will be collected by direct debit. Please remember that both parents are entitled to redeem the voucher.

What do we include in our fees?

Our progressive partnership means nothing more to pay for almost everything your child needs at nursery, however, if you would like to provide anything specific then please let us know. Here is what we provide at no extra cost.

Breakfast –  porridge, cereal and fruit

Morning snack – Fresh fruits, breadsticks, crackers,  milk and etc

Home-cooked lunch – three-week rotating menu freshly prepared in a specialist nursery catering kitchen

Home-cooked tea –   same rotating menu basis as lunch which includes

Vegetarian, non-vegetarian  and a range of free from foods – for any intolerances, preferences or allergies

Afternoon snack – for those staying until 6.00 p.m.

Pampers eco-friendly nappies and wipes – great for the environment and gentle for babies

Early Years Foundation Stage Teaching – Our staff are fully qualified to teach the EYFS curriculum.

Extra-Curricular activities: such as Spanish lessons,  Theatre bugs,  Cooking Club, French lesson and Reading club and mini maths club

We understand that from time to time changes can occur and we will endeavour to be reasonable given the circumstances. Should the booking hours increase or decrease we require written notice. When your child finally leaves the nursery, we require 8 weeks’ notice.

For all fees and details of our sessions, please contact the nursery directly.