Practitioners at RHS promoting a creative approach to teaching in order to engage all children and their families. This is supported by a robust system of monitoring the provision, to ensure a meaningful, imaginative, engaging and creativity-based curriculum is in place, to ignited young children to be thirst for learning. The team is deeply committed to ensuring children get the absolute best start to their education.

ILG visiting regularly and meets with manger to monitor the development of the nursery and to ensure that Children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and British Values are at the heart of what we do at RHS.

 Our entire team are DBS under the guidance of the Children Act & Keeping Children Safe in Education, and all are first aider’s.

We recognise that nursery practitioners play a major part in developing a children’s potential and therefore we will endeavour to provide opportunities for staff to update their skills and knowledge. There are 3 inset days whereupon the nursery is closed and a requirement to undertake annual & mandatory training, which is considered necessary for the efficient operation of the service we provide.



                                                                 Meet the Manager


 Coral Hayes                                                            

 Early Years Degree                                                                                  


I am experience nursery manager and I am still enthusiastic and passionate about my role as the manager at RHS.  My ethos is to deliver holistic learning experiences in a homely environment, to enhance children’s natural curiosity through an emergent child-centred approach.  My objective is always to encompass collaborative teaching within a creative learning environment. I must say running a successful nursery requires hard-work, flexibility and requires committed to improve and develop the care and learning for children, parents and staff. This can only be achieved with dedicated nursery practitioners to support the vision of RHS.


                                                                     Leadership  Team :

 Third in Charge

Claire Orriss :Level 5

EYFS Advance Teaching

 I really enjoy the career path I have taken. I been working with the younger child for over 10 years. I can happily say watching each child develop is rewarding and special. Each day is never the same that’s why I love this job, because I am helping children to develop, socially but also encouraging their personalities to bring out their unique trait which crucial for children to independent learners which support the ethos of RHS



Avril Martin :BA(Hons)                                                                       

  Childhood Studies 

Working with children as bought out my creative passion to foster creativity in young children through their imagination and imaginative play. Creativity provides a balance between structure and freedom of expression, with open-ended questions, praising children and listening to random or unexpected answers which supports their interest which is changing every day.   This provides opportunities that RHS is developing to support children creative learning.



Paulina Anstee  :Level 3 

I love working with babies and seeing their wonderful first-hand experiences.   Over the years I have seen many smiles as they explore all their sense through messy activities using Macakon technique. It is always a delight, being part of their life’s especially celebrating their uniqueness with their parents which is a principle of RHS



Kim Clear :Level3

Many people always ask why I do this job and my answer is I have a passion because I play a crucial part of each child development for long life learning. I am a consistent example how we role model and treat each other with respect &   kindness, being friends, sharing and taking turns which is embracing British Values at RHS.



Jenny Polyxeni :QTS                                                                   

 I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated and creative QTS teacher with over 20 years’ experience with extensive knowledge in public relations and school administration. I have specialist in developing, assessment and behaviour management strategies to deliver positive behaviour. I believe that all children have the ability to learn regardless of their ability to develop their critical thinking.